the Delaware C-Corp: American Politics Company

American Politics Company

This is the public landing page for our venture to fix American politics.

Pre-seed pitch: American Politics Company
Moodboard / Company Vibes
Moodboard / Company Vibes
Welcome! Our vision is to fix American politics!
Questions, ideas, feedback, support, criticism?

About the team (Join us!)

Current team

@Barak Gila
  • Background: bay area native, berkeley/affirm-educated, software engineer, startup connoisseur, and political junkie
  • Hats: CEO, ops, finance/revenue, product, back office, backend eng (very little is needed here)
🔒 … there are a few coconspirators … still pending


  • Our current min rate is $100/hr for contractors and $250k/year total comp for full-time.
  • Must be SF, NY, or DC-based. SF preferred for product, design, and eng.

Most high-priority skills we need for the team

Cofounder / Founding Engineer (American Politics Company)
  • Ops
    • You can code in SQL and Python (at least a little)
    • You’re an organized, detail-oriented fiend
    • You can do anything (recruiting, ops, accounting, finance, etc), perhaps after teaching yourself or asking for help
  • Well-connected political types
    • Ideally think-tank / neoliberal / nonpartisan background, but flexible
    • Should understand how one or more of Washington, Sacramento, NYC, SF, etc. work
    • Should be familiar with Citizens United, Scalia, Matt Yglesias; be concerned about political polarization, etc
  • Marketing / advertising
    • A creative director for the ad agency side of the business
    • At the beginning, you’ll be critical in making killer, edgy, fun, controversial ads
    • You’ll also shape our ad generator product and be the point of contact with external folks in the advertising / marketing worlds

How else you can help

We’re willing to bootstrap, but getting capital and help from angels and VCs will help us build the platform faster. 👼
  • do you have anything you want to advertise in San Francisco?
  • do you want to join the team?
  • are you or do you know any people who work in politics or think tanks?
  • welcoming ideas, feedback, and hate