The Delaware C Corp: American Politics Company
The Delaware C Corp: American Politics Company

The Delaware C Corp: American Politics Company

There are two sides to the business: physical political ads and a digital social network for political service.

The main ideas:

Physical Political Advertising:

  1. SuperPAC / political consultant as a service. We handle legal requirements, logistics, ops liability, KYC, targeting, everything you need to get a campaign off the ground. An ad agency, Kickstarter, Gofundme, Stripe … for politics.
  1. Negative customer acquisition cost (CAC) once we hit critical mass … the primary call-to-action in your ad will point not to your campaign site page directly, but to (or whatever your campaign is called). users will be able to comment, like, share the ad … remix it … or pay to keep the billboard up / send the mailer to more people. Eventually, they will notice that they too can advertise with Billy.
  1. Back to physical. Digital political advertising is overrated. We’ll do it, eventually, but we’re starting local (SF) and starting very physical. Billboards, mailers, posters, yard signs, t-shirts, other swag.

Network for Political Influence: Coup

  1. For politicians, elected officials, neighborhood groups, and other entities that want to wield influence
    1. Foster direct relationship with followers beyond just email / Twitter / other social media.
      1. Trust that your followers are highly likely to vote the way you tell them.
      2. Followers verified for uniqueness, residency, past voting record, etc. Highly qualified leads.
      3. You’re in control of your followers: export all their data at any time.
      4. directory of all other public figures on the platform
    2. Best-in-class “Here’s how I’m voting and why and you should vote this way too” election guide tool
  1. For voters
    1. One-click tracking to register: “I saw this ad or got this email mentioning GrowSF … I want to subscribe to updates from this group”. As low friction onboarding as possible considering that we are trying to engage low engagement voters
    2. Design a new moment of delight and empowerment that’s easier than donating or attending an event. Promise to “Vote with” a candidate
    3. Onramp to getting involved in politics without getting spammed.
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Moodboard / Company Vibes
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